Almere site

The Municipality of Almere and developer and investor Amvest made this site available. 41 plans were submitted for the Duin site.

The assignment was the design of an unusual, unique and demountable building that can initially serve as an eye-catching information centre or cultural pavilion and subsequently be "reused" as a detached house in the woods. The study assignment was a landscape design for the existing woods with extra focus on the construction of a new water system and the way in which the "woodlands" aspect of these woods can be developed.

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List of entries Almere
Code Title Team Status
AE 306 BEACH UP DUIN Josse Popma (NL 1977), Jan Willem ter Steege (NL 1978)
AG 007 Metamorphosis | wetland housing 'morphed' Andrew van Zanten (NL 1982), Gerdo Weltevreden (NL 1978)
AM 237 Shifting performances Juliane Maier (DE 1976), Luis Maria Etchegorry (AR 1975), Cynthia Markhoff (AR 1977)
AN 319 THE FUTURE VIEW OF DUIN Nils Nolting (DE 1978), Arne Hansen (DE 1976)
AN 999 WEAVING LANDSCAPES Alexandros Vazakas (EL 1971)
AP 052 FLAPLAND Valentina Temporin (IT 1976), Valentina Murgia (IT 1979), Cristina Cardinale (IT 1977) selected
DC 888 EGGPLANT Sandra Piňeiro Estarellas (ES 1972)
DH 471 deltaHouse Thorsten Lang (NL 1975), Claudia Guia Fabbri (IT 1975)
DH 487 shorelines Holger Hoffmann (DE 1974), Daniela Hake (DE 1974)
DR 089 Daktari Cor Tiemens (NL 1979) selected
FN 001 FRAMING NATURE Bertrand Schippan (FR 1981), Robert Grimm (DE 1981), Jeanne Despas (FR 1983), Michael Labory (FR 1987), Attilio Ranieri (IT 1974)
FP 185 STIJG! Marianne van Lochem (NL 1979)
GA 004 ENVISIONING BAUCIS, observatory for an artificial wilderness Olaf Janson (NL 1980), Joost Maatkamp (NL 1980), Rens Wijnakker (NL 1984), Koen Looman (NL 1981) RUNNER-UP
HB 007 HET HUIS BEIAARD Je Ahn (UK 1983), Maria Smith (UK 1982) SPECIAL MENTION
HJ 810 [FRAMED] Jasper Spigt (NL 1981) selected
JA 001 green shelter Luhayu Fauzia Triratnamurti (ID 1979), Joost van Dijk (NL 1978)
JR 784 SHIFTING HORIZONS Rob ten Napel (NL 1978)
JS 583 Confluence of the ForestFolks Jan Hendrik Bos (NL 1973), Stijn van Tuijl (NL 1973)
KF 001 take a walk on the wild side Rebecca Pelayo (FR 1977)
MA 001 A-frame Sean Matsumoto (US 1972)
MB 915 POPLAR TREE HOUSE Andrea Davide Marelli (IT 1980)
MC 123 BRIDGE TOWER Maria Milans del Bosch (ES 1981)
MS 007 LOCUS AMOENUS Maria Letizia Martani (IT 1974)
NG 147 IMPLOSION Thomas Boerendonk (NL 1984), Christian Waber (NL 1983)
NH 085 Natural History David Dominguez Fuster (ES 1981), Christian Sintes Midmore (ES 1980) SPECIAL MENTION
NT 017 GREEN HOUSE Johan Selbing (SE 1974), Machiel de Weers (NL 1974)
PC 003 on tiptoe Garcia Jose Maria Sanchez (ES 1975)
PP 111 SHOW-FLIP-FIT Pim Pompen (NL 1972) selected
SB 101 Almere wunderbaum Sven Blokker (NL 1981)
SC 888 Meander Ramon Knoester (NL 1975)
SL 588 the treehouse Fernanda Acre Pacheco (PT 1980), Fabio Hernandez Palacio (CO 1974) selected
SR 678 Juxtaposition Sofia Carolina Cárdenas Begazo (NL 1980), Robert Taapken (NL 1979)
ST 740 WHICH HOUSE WOOD U LIKE? Andrea Lopapa (IT 1974), Claudio Bonicco (IT 1974)
TM 007 FRAME Timur Shabaev (RU 1979) WINNER
TR 335 I.N.N.E.R. Inner Nature New Environmental Resource Domenico Silvestro (IT 1981), Stefano Guarino (IT 1981), Vincenzo Iovino (IT 1981), Domenico Fraterno (IT 1983)
UP 888 UP & DOWN Agata Plackowska (PL 1984), Katarzyna (Miodek (PL 1983), Agnieszka Firlej (PL 1983)
VX 173 BABYLON CIRCUS Victor Schmidt (NL 1981), Steven Lo A Njoe (NL 1983)
WG 073 WOESTE GROND Rolf Reichardt (NL 1973), Jasper Hermans (NL 1975), Froukje van de Klundert (NL 1982)
WS 008 ORANGERIE DUIN Esther Stevelink (NL 1974), Arie Bergsma (NL 1971)
XX 777 OUTSIDE IN Serge Schoemaker (NL 1975)